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If a brain injury, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), was caused by the negligence of another person or entity, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your losses and damages. Brain injuries come in many shapes and forms – they could result from accidents at work, car wrecks, slips-and-falls; really anything where someone else is responsible. It’s important though that you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer when filing a claim against those who are negligent so that all possible factors can be taken into consideration.

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What Is The Average Settlement For A Brain Injury In Texas?

While the average nationwide settlement for a brain injury is around $70,000, your own claim could be worth significantly more. This number can vary based on numerous factors in play which our team of experts at Brain Injury Lawyer Texas are happy to discuss with you and provide an accurate estimate as to what your case may be worth. Don’t miss out on the potential recovery that you deserve – contact us today!

How Long Do I Have To Make A Brain Injury Claim In Texas?

Generally, you are provided with two years to file a personal injury claim in Texas from the date of the accident. However, this timeline could be limited if a government entity was involved. Though there is often no exception for those who didn’t know about their TBI until after the two-year period has lapsed, it may still be possible to have your case heard in certain circumstances. To get an understanding of how time limits apply specifically to you and your situation – consult an experienced personal injury attorney right away!

Who Can Make A Brain Injury Compensation Claim?

If you’ve experienced a brain injury due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you’re eligible for compensation. This applies no matter how much the other party is liable for your damage. These injuries can be sustained in accidents on the job, at home, in car crashes caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness, and in public place collisions. Don’t let someone else’s mistake keep you from getting what rightfully belongs to you – seek justice today!

If your loved one has sustained a severe brain injury, they may be unable to pursue their own legal claim. Fortunately, we are here to help guide you through the necessary steps in order to make a successful and timely claim on behalf of your family member or friend. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

100% No Win, No Fee Brain Trauma Compensation

Suffering from a brain injury can completely alter one’s life, regardless of the magnitude or scope of the damage. No amount of compensation will be able to repair or undo this disruption, but it may offer some support that allows those affected and their families to move forward with more ease. During these difficult times, you might not have an income coming in; however, for guaranteed access to all your rights and entitlements you must enlist professional legal aid. At Brain Injury Lawyer Texas, we are committed to giving our clients excellent legal services with absolutely no financial worries. That’s why all of our personal injury cases come with a 100% No Win, No Fee guarantee. This means that you don’t even have to pay for professional assessments or medical reports upfront; the only time you’ll be paying any legal fees is when we successfully win your case! Plus, there are never hidden costs – it’s a true risk-free promise from us to you!

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How Long Will Your Claim Take?

Sorting out brain injury claims is often strenuous and can take up to three years or more. Depending on the case, however, settlements for a brain injury claim may come sooner than expected.

Knowing the potential long-term damage of brain injury can be difficult. Therefore, your lawyers will require comprehensive medical reports to comprehend the full scale of your injuries and make sure that you are compensated fairly while also receiving necessary help and rehabilitation. This way, it’s simpler to identify what kind of effects you may experience in the future due to these ailments and guarantee that you receive justice accordingly. 

Because of its intricacy and the duration to resolve your case, you may be able to receive temporary payments that can assist in the near future. This could include fees for regaining rehabilitation or lost earnings.

How Much Compensation Will You Receive In A Brain Injury Claim? 

When it comes to brain injury compensation, there is no one-size-fits-all sum. The amount you receive should reflect how much your condition has affected your everyday life. With the help of an experienced specialist solicitor, they can provide an accurate assessment of what your claim is worth and make sure that you are financially secure going forward.

What Can I Claim Compensation For?

A brain injury may be minor (commonly referred to as ‘concussion’), yet can frequently lead to lifelong physical and mental difficulties. If you are confused about whether or not it is possible to file a lawsuit for such an injury, know that filing one is indeed plausible.

Be reassured, you are eligible to make a head injury claim in the event that your brain damage is caused by another party’s negligence or actions – even if it turns out to be mild. Injury compensation reflects both the severity of your particular injury as well as its impact on you and your finances.

For those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident or medical malpractice, their lives may be drastically altered. Not only are they forced to miss work for extended periods (or indefinitely), but also must find ways to finance home modifications, specialized transportation equipment, and vehicles, continuing medical care, and rehabilitation expenses – not to mention any additional treatments that may be needed.

You are in luck! By law, you can claim compensation for the rational costs of items required to assist you now and in the future. Your brain injury legal team will be sure to discuss any upcoming expenses before filing a formal claim.

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